CCI-Stara Zagora

cciThe Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Stara Zagora (CCI), was established in 1991 as an independent, voluntary and non- governmental organization with its main goal being to support economic development in Stara Zagora region, and to represent and safeguard the employers’ interests. The Managing Board consists of the Chair – Oleg Stoilov, the Vice Chair – Bogdana Dzhonova, and seven further members – Alexander Paleshutsky, Yovcho Yordanov, Krasimira Sokolova, Mitko Dinev, Mladen Stoyanov, Plamen Rusev, and Svetla Apostolova. The Supervisory Board consists of the Chair – George Syarov, and the members Encho Baramov and Krasimira Chahova.

The Chamber has about 250 direct, and over 1500 associated members.
It functions inside a network with 28 other regional chambers across the country, within the system of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which is the largest nationally-recognized employers’ organization in Bulgaria.
In the autumn of 2006 the Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Stara Zagora was recognized by the Eurochambres Manifesto as an example of best practice in providing information and consulting services to SMEs, especially in the field of energy efficiency matters. The document outlines the training activities and the financial advice, as well.
As part of a national representation of employers, CCI - Stara Zagora performs regular opinion surveys of companies in the region regarding business-related legislature. Therefore, CCI - Stara Zagora has been actively involved in consultations on business-related national legislative framework. Towards achieving its strategic objectives, the CCI’s leadership has developed a work program, involving concrete activities and initiatives aiming at:

• improving the business environment in the region;
• attracting new investments;
• improving labour market conditions;
• enhancing company culture and competitiveness of the regional businesses.

CCI - Stara Zagora follows the policy of joint efforts for creating a better environment for entrepreneurship development. CCI - Stara Zagora actively works in partnership with regional and local government, other NGOs and with companies in the region.
In the framework of numerous national and international forums CCI - Stara Zagora is engaged in the promotion of regional economy, history, culture, tourism, and the investment opportunities that the region provides. The Chamber assists Bulgarian companies and organizations in their international business and project partners search. It also aids foreign companies in starting to do business in Bulgaria. The Chamber maintains databases of EU and other international programs and provides information to all interested parties.